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The GATE Group, for the first time and to this day in a unique way, deals with the installation and servicing of gate technology and loading technology products nationwide and independent of brands. Our company performs the maintenance tasks of automated equipment in the area of ​​several priority facilities (airports, state institutions, factories, logistics centers) and provides on-call troubleshooting.


However, considering the period ahead, it also becomes relevant, as more difficult times may come for all of us. Even though the virus situation is coming to an end, it can be predicted that the coming years will be marked by economic difficulties. In such a period, saving plays a key role. We strive for this in all areas, so the GATE Group also tries to provide the opportunity to use the energy-saving solutions found in door technology.


With the increase in energy prices, it will be time to pay attention to the selection, operation and operation of suitable doors and windows.


Why is it worth to get in touch with us?

The available technologies are constantly improving, with increased efficiency, lower operating costs, offering a wide range of solutions even for special challenges. Our group of companies constantly monitors the innovations and developments appearing in the gate technology and loading technology market, so we can provide the best available technologies and services to our customers.


Making the various plants, halls, and warehouses more energy efficient is the best way to reduce energy consumption for operators. At the bottom of our page, we would like to illustrate the long-term savings opportunities, which are inherent in almost every plant, with a brief presentation of some of our previous projects. Solutions can usually be implemented quickly without significant changes to the existing infrastructure.

A few tips on energy saving gate technology

Why is maintenance important?

Our goal is to ensure the maximum service life of the equipment and minimize downtime caused by breakdowns. As the figure shows, you have to prepare for the increasing breakdown over time, which can only be reduced by preventive maintenance. Repairing an error noticed in time typically costs less.

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