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More than 30 years...


The devices installed up to that time now required maintenance so the new approach became operation, thanks to which the companies of the GATE Group were the first, and to this day the only ones, to service the entire gate technology, loading technology, and fire protection equipment of enterprises nationwide, regardless of brand.

The main profile of our company, which has been developing dynamically for 30 years is brand-independent installation, maintenance and service of gate and loading technical equipment throughout the country.

Over the 30 years we have had the opportunity to get to know all segments of the gate technology market. We have learned how to deal with new and newer challenges which have presented us with many tasks with the appearance of door technology, loading technology and fire protection products that meet the needs of the industry.

We have installed all gate technology products and brands available on the market that are reliable. During its installation work GATE Service gained enough experience to target a new direction.


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